For over 100 years ideas and innovations in cylindrical grinding



SCHAUDT is one of the world's brands with the longest experience in the engineering of machines for the precision grinding of camshafts and axes in the automotive sector as well as for grinding of machine parts for the printing industry and other parts for heavy machine construction. 

What began in 1906 with the legendary Unger machine factory in Stuttgart, developed over the course of a century to become the center of excellence known as the UNITED GRINDING Group. That's more than 100 years in which to develop ideas and innovations, which now enable a machine precision in a class of its own. Today we are very proud that much of the world's automotive engineering industry depends on the innovative power, precision and reliability of SCHAUDT machines.

1906 - 1940
  • Founded as Carl Unger Werkzeugmachinenfabrik, Stuttgart (1906)
  • Start of serial construction of cylindrical and internal cylindrical grinding machines (1911)
  • Development of the first high-performance grinding machines under Technical Director Dr. Gerhard Schaudt (1930)
  • Delivery of the first camshaft grinding machine to Bosch (1935)
1941 - 1980
  • Dr. Gerhard Schaudt becomes managing partner, change of company name to SCHAUDT Maschinenbau GmbH, Stuttgart-Hedelfingen (1943)
  • Construction of plant in Ellwangen (1955)
  • First fully automatic cam lobe grinding machine (1960)
  • Development of the CS series with programmable workpiece drives, subsequently with CD dressing methods (1979)
1981 - 1999
  • Takeover by HAUNI-Werke, Körber & Co. KG, Hamburg (1983)
  • Introduction of the CF series for cylindrical and noncircular grinding with CNC control and double-slide system (1985)
  • Foundation of Schleifring Maschinenbau GmbH, Hamburg with SCHAUDT as a member (1993)
  • Introduction of the high-performance cam lobe grinding machine CF41 with innovative CBN grinding wheel technology (1995)
  • Merger with grinding machine plant Chemnitz GmbH, Hartmannsdorf, acquisition of the universal cylindrical grinding machines of the PF series (1996)
2000 - 2008
  • Merger with MIKROSA Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH and Berliner Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik (BWF) GmbH to become SCHAUDT MIKROSA BWF GmbH (2000)
  • Development of the ZEUS M series as a modular system with a broad application range (2002)
  • Foundation of Studer Schaudt GmbH as the center of excellence in cylindrical grinding for the automotive industry (2004)
  • Development of the CamGrind S in collaboration with Fritz Studer AG, Thun, Switzerland (2006)
  • Further development of the ZEUS M line into the CamGrind series, further development of the PF line into the FlexGrind series (2008)
2009 - 2010
  • Merger with Studer Mikrosa GmbH to become Schaudt Mikrosa GmbH with headquarters in Stuttgart (2009)
  • Relocation of corporate headquarters and all production facilities for the brands SCHAUDT and MIKROSA to Leipzig (2010)
  • The Schleifring Group becomes the UNITED GRINDING Group (2013)
  • Presentation of the new machine design for the UNITED GRINDING Group at the EMO in Hanover (2013)
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