Flexible Production Grinding Machine for Long, Heavy Workpieces

FlexGrind M

Basic Data

Thanks to its modular design, the FlexGrind is the ideal universal cylindrical grinding machine for the high-precision production of long and heavy workpieces. With nine wheelhead variants, a wide variety of applications are possible for machine tools and vehicle manufacture.

    Machine description

    • Flexible universal cylindrical grinding machines with grinding lengths up to max. 4000 mm,
      height of centres 310 mm
    • High-precision machining of large, heavy workpieces
    • Production reliability thanks to complete machining in a single clamping
    • High-precision B-axis with swivel angle of -45° to +225°
    • Scraped vee-flat guideway in the Z-axis
    • Precise positioning with feed accuracies <0.5 μm
    • Gauged grinding with DIATRONIC 22 diameter and length measuring system
    • Backlash-free workpiece drive for highest precision
    • Low unit costs thanks to short machining and set-up times
    • High availability and minimal maintenance requirement
    • Highest safety standard and fulfillment of environmental requirements thanks to complete enclosure of the machine


    Machine base

    The FlexGrind has a machine bed with a welded steel construction, featuring a table design with impressively high rigidity. The moving axes are deliberately separated. The tank system and integration of bed and assembly cooling units enable temperature stability to be achieved within the machine.


    9 standard headstock variants are available for the FlexGrind series. This enables the performance of a wide variety of grinding operations such as external and internal cylindrical grinding or thread grinding. The digitally controlled, high-precision B-axis has a swiveling range of 270°.


    The FlexGrind features a high-precision, belt-driven workhead, which possesses excellent runout characteristics. The headstock is distinguished by an outstanding torque curve in C-axis mode.


    Two barrel tailstocks with plain-bearing guides are available for the FlexGrind. The small variant with fixed center point has a stroke of 100 mm and is suitable for workpieces up to 500 kg. The large tailstock has a stroke of 150 mm and is suitable for workpieces up to 1,200 kg.


    The FlexGrind is equipped with the DIATRONIC 22 diameter and length measuring system. This absolute measuring head significantly increases flexibility and quality assurance during automatic machining. The measurement of different diameters during the grinding process is unique for this machine class.

    Internal grinding

    The FlexGrind is a combined external and internal grinding machine for machining large, heavy workpieces in a single clamping. The machine's productivity is substantially increased due to the reduced set-up time.

    Peel grinding

    With the flexible grinding process, the processing times can be shortened by up to 45%. This also significantly reduces unit costs for large parts. Due to the low process forces, workpieces with very thin walls can also be machined.

    WOP-G/X programming interface

    The SCHAUDT WOP-G/X progamming system makes programming of round and incorrect workpiece contours easy and fast. From a few specifications, WOP-G creates harmonious speed profiles that can be adjusted in a variable way. Combination machining of concave and convex profiles is possible in one setting.

    Hardware / Software
    • Maintenance and service friendly SIEMENS Sinumeric 840D sl control system
    • Programming cylindrical and noncircular workpiece contours is quick and easy with the WOP-G/X programming system from SCHAUDT.
    Technical Data
    kg / cm
    lb / inches

    Linear Axes

    Max. Travel X 610 mm
    Max. Travel Speed X 15.000 mm/min
    Max. Travel Z 4.514 mm
    Max. Travel Speed Z 15.000 mm/min

    Spindle drive

    Max. Spindle Power 30 kW
    Max. Number Of Revolutions 3.000 /min
    Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 762 mm
    Max. Grinding Wheel Width 125 mm

    Swiveling Axes

    Swiveling Range B 270 °
    Swiveling Range C ∞ °

    Workpiece Data

    Workpiece Length 2.000 - 4.000 mm
    Workpiece Diameter 10 - 705 mm
    Max. Workpiece Weight 2.500 kg
    Distance Between Centers 4.000 mm
    Center Height 355 mm

    Linear Axes

    Max. Travel X 24,016 inch
    Max. Travel Speed X 590,551 inch/min
    Max. Travel Z 177,717 inch
    Max. Travel Speed Z 590,551 inch/min

    Spindle drive

    Max. Spindle Power 40,231 hp
    Max. Number Of Revolutions 3.000 rpm
    Max. Grinding Wheel Diameter 30,000 inch
    Max. Grinding Wheel Width 4,921 inch

    Swiveling Axes

    Swiveling Range B 270 deg
    Swiveling Range C ∞ deg

    Workpiece Data

    Workpiece Length 78,740 - 157,480 inch
    Workpiece Diameter 0,394 - 27,756 inch
    Max. Workpiece Weight 5.511,550 lbs
    Distance Between Centers 157,480 inch
    Center Height 13,976 inch
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