Robot automation

For especially superproductive applications, our grinding machines can be outfitted with a compact KUKA robot that is protected against oil and water in accordance with IP 67. This increases the machine's output significantly. It is very user friendly that the robot can be controlled directly with the Sinumerik 840D sl via the Run MyRobot software interface. The central control panel with a convenient user interface makes it easy to integrate the robot into the machine process.

The machine operator can program and set up the integrated robot completely from the ShaftGrind L control panel. The axis movements are depicted in the axial direction X, Y and Z which are typical for machine tools. Based on the programming interface developed by Schaudt Mikrosa, the employee is guided through the input screen.

Cylindrical and noncircular grinding - Other topics

Fundamentals of cylindrical grinding

Grinding is an abrasive machining process used for fine machining and finishing of workpieces.

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External cylindrical grinding

During external cylindrical grinding, the workpiece is machined after being clamped on one side or between two centers.

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Internal cylindrical grinding

Internal cylindrical grinding is primarily used for machining cylindrical or tapered bores.

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Peel grinding

During external cylindrical grinding, the entire grinding stock can be removed during one grinding pass. This procedure is referred to as a peel grinding.

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Multiwheel grinding

With the multiwheel technology developed by SCHAUDT, all cylindrical features of a workpiece can be ground with just one plunge.

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